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CDR Viewer

Developer IdeaMK

CDR Viewer is free for use software tool. This viewer can be used to open/display CorelDRAW image files and gives ...

CDR Open File Tool

Developer Open Files Inc.

The name of this tool might bring some confusion. CDR Open File Tool is not in fact a simple tool to open CDR files, but it’s in fact a recovery ...

FoxPDF CorelDraw (CDR) to PDF Converter

Developer FoxPDF Corporation

This tool converts your Corel Draw CDR files into PDF documents. However, it can also convert other ...

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw

Developer Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW is a neat and handy tool that attempts to repair and recover CorelDraw CDR files. It supports ...

CDR Viewer Tool

Developer Recovery ToolBox

CDR Viewer Tool is a fast viewer and advanced data recovery tool for damaged CorelDraw files. It uses a proprietary ...


Developer DBA Crash Data Group

The CDR is a tool that allows you to image crash data directly from all supported vehicles giving you a detailed report ...

CDR Recovery Tool Free

Developer Recovery ToolBox

This is a compact and affordable recovery tool for Corel Draw .cdr files damaged in all types of data corruption incidents. It provides easy ...

FoxPDF CorelDraw to PDF Converter

Developer FoxPDF Corporation

FoxPDF CorelDraw to PDF Converter allows you to convert CorelDraw(CDR) to PDF directly, NO CorelDraw ...

CDR Repair Kit

Developer Repair Kit, Inc.

CorelDraw CDR Repair tool for restoring a CorelDraw projects after data corruption accidents of various types. The efficient repair of damaged Corel ...

CDR Tools Front End

Developer Demosten

CDR Tools Front End allows you to record CDs with data, audio, or mixed information. You can also create ISO ...

Arabic School Software CDR

Developer ArabicSP Software

Arabic School Software CDR: Learn Arabic from any language! There is no software Title/Program similar to it!, Try it and you ...

Inventure CDR Vision

Developer Inventure Automotive

The FMS-CDR system ensures the traceability of the vehicle's fuel usage. The vehicle-mounted device continuously records the ...

Advik CDR Analyzer

Developer CDAC-Trivandrum

Advik CDR Analyzer is a call data record analyzer, which can import and analyze CDR/Tower CDR logs of any service ...

CDR DICOM for Windows SR1

Developer Schick Technologies, Inc.

Optimize images for diagnosis and improve patient communication. CDR DICOM is Schick Technologies digital radiography software ...

CDR System

Developer DBA Crash Data Group

The CDR System is a combination of hardware and software providing access to vehicle pre-crash and crash data that may ...

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